A Winning Culture In Government

Why Culture Matters

It’s no surprise that many government employees are less engaged than ever before and that leaders feel helpless to change the situation.

In many cases, employees and leaders are caught in a vicious cycle. Performance declines, scrutiny increases, and employee paralysis ensues. Repeat.


How do you break this cycle? You change the mindset from “leaders are a select few in the organization” to “everyone can and should be a leader.” Winning Culture in Government shows how this simple yet significant shift is key to creating an effective government organization in the 21st century.


“Over my 25 years with the United States Navy, I saw first hand the power of creating a winning culture, where leaders and team members are effectively accomplishing a purposeful mission […] creating such a culture doesn’t happen by changes; rather, it is deliberately designed. This book speaks to the inner workings of such a design.”

LT CDR Mitch Seal United States Navy, Retired


Patrick Leddin

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Patrick has more than 20-years of leadership and project-management experience. He began his career as an officer in the United States Army, where he completed a number of the military’s most challenging leadership-development courses including airborne, ranger, and infantry officer schools, and he held leadership positions such as infantry platoon leader and company commander in the 82nd Airborne Division. While working for a Big Five consulting firm, he led project teams to design, develop, and implement project deliverables that exactly met client needs, growing his client portfolio to more than $12 million in annual revenue.

Shawn D. Moon

FranklinCovey Executive Consultant

Shawn has over three decades of experience in leadership and management, sales and marketing, program development, and consulting services. His deep knowledge and robust experience inspires others to become leaders through personal effectiveness and execution.


Moon served as FranklinCovey’s Executive Vice President, where he had responsibility for all of FranklinCovey’s director operations, including the company’s North American operations, UK, Japan, Australia offices, as well as the U.S. Government Services group.  He also led the company’s Execution, Speed of Trust, Customer Loyalty, and Sales Performance Practices.  He is the author or co-author of several books, including The Ultimate Competitive Advantage and Talent Unleashed.  

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