Administrator Experience

The Admin Platform helps client admins to launch, manage, and measure impact journeys and content.

Best-in-class content and powerful technology drive impact at scale in a simple and measurable way. 

The Admin Platform is designed to help admins manage content and measure outcomes, providing actionable data to make strategic learning and development decisions. 


Easy to Assign Content of all Types

The administration of the platform is easy. Assigning content to learners takes seconds, and the platform automatically handles calendar invitations, reinforcement emails, and 360 Assessment deployment—ensuring engagement for learning initiatives that make a lasting impact. 


Powerful Content With Flexible Approaches

Our principle-centric content fuels development to increase learners’ skills and capabilities. And with flexible delivery formats including Live In-Person, Live-Online, On Demand impact journeys, or microlearning modules—our content meets learners where they are. 


Measurable Outcomes

Access to learner activity reports, charts, and statistics provides visibility to ROI and actionable data for strategic learning and development decisions. 


Facilitator Certification

Facilitators can use the Admin Platform to certify to deliver FranklinCovey content and access facilitator and learner materials 

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We are enjoying the Impact Platform because it allows our teams to approach development in a data-driven and personalized manner. Team members can assess their skills with the Impact Platforms 360 Skills Assessment, analyze results, and engage in skill development opportunities, all in one integrated user experience.

— Ian LeBlanc, Manager, Global Learning & Development | OneStream Software

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