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How we work with you

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More than 250 senior-level delivery consultants comprise our cadre of experts drawn from nearly every industry. Our consultants’ real-world expertise creates application-rich consulting and training experiences that advance the business priorities of your organization. Based throughout the world, our delivery consultants offer a mix of consulting engagements, training programs, and customized keynote speeches drawn from all our solutions. A FranklinCovey consulting experience is tailored to your precise needs, beginning with a robust pre-consulting call, continuing with an engaging on-site experience, and concluding with the necessary follow-up to ensure your expectations are exceeded and the learning translates into behavior change and results. Our consultants deliver results at any organizational level, from the C-suite to the frontline.

As the current generation of leaders marches toward retirement, many organizations are already finding it difficult. The challenge lies in both the numbers and experience—there simply aren’t enough workers to fill vacated leadership positions.

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Your employees can experience the world-renowned benefits of FranklinCovey training, regardless of where they live and work around the globe. LiveClicks webinar workshops are cost effective, one- to two-hour modules that offer compelling content and live engagement with an expert FranklinCovey consultant. You can also become certified as a facilitator to conduct them on your own. LiveClicks webinars are delivered live over the Web where participants interact with a FranklinCovey consultant (or client facilitator) and learn new skills and competencies in an engaging, time-saving format. Attendees experience the training right from their desks/offices, eliminating travel costs and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint while minimizing lost time away from the office. These webinars also include downloadable toolkits. LiveClicks webinars allow you to reach distance learners who are not able to leave their offices for extended periods of time. LiveClicks webinars can also be used as low-cost-effective reinforcement tools, or as rapid training options. Additionally, for a deeper dive, FranklinCovey offers our award-winning The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®: Interactive Edition, a highly scalable approach to effectiveness training that includes the full 7 Habits content. Participants are exposed to a self-paced online experience, combining highly interactive eLearning with an optional one-day live training experience.

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