Christophe J Leroy

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Christophe J. Leroy is an experienced business consultant, coach and training facilitator based in Mexico City. He has over twelve years of experience in strategy development, stakeholder engagement, leadership communications, and organizational change, both in government and private sector.


Christophe delivers leadership communications training and coaching for clients in South America, Mexico and North America. He has conducted many coaching and consulting engagements in Spanish, English and French from the C-Suite level down to the management level. He has also worked for over three years in governance, culture and leadership advisory service areas. He has led culture assessment engagements with clients in Mexico, Chile and Colombia.


Christophe previously advised heads of advertising and marketing communications at Fortune 500 companies as a consultant for the Washington, DC-based Corporate Executive Board, where he also contributed to best practices research and helped launch a series of Executive Insight Conferences targeted to C-suite leaders. He also has provided advisory services to senior leaders in the U.S. defense and intelligence industry during his time at Toffler Associates, a boutique strategy consulting firm in Washington, DC.


Business and Career Background

Prior to his consulting work, Christophe worked extensively on legislative and foreign policy issues, both in Washington, DC and Mexico City. He was a legislative aide on Capitol Hill, a foreign policy analyst at a government relations firm in Washington, DC, a program associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and a congressional relations officer at the Embassy of Canada in Mexico.



Christophe is a native French and English speaker and is fluent in Spanish and Dutch. He earned an M.A. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a B.A. in Applied Economics magna cum laude from University of Antwerp in Belgium.



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