Dan Squires

Coaching and Consulting Experience 

Dan has over 15 years’ experience working with business leaders. He has worked with diverse organizations operating in demanding, dynamic environments, spanning private, public, academic, and government agencies, including in-depth development of several prominent leaders of publicly traded companies.  He focuses most of his time on working with business leaders and teams to accelerate their leadership development and effectiveness.


Coaching Philosophy

Effective leadership doesn’t happen by accident. While select leadership qualities come more naturally to some, great leaders are made through a combination of challenging work and life experiences, grit, and a desire to achieve big things—both from within and beyond themselves. Dan specializes in developing leaders and leadership teams through a rigorous assessment and development process that challenges even seasoned leaders and teams to achieve more. He appreciates that the costs of leadership failure can be considerable; and conversely, successful leadership can inspire transformational changes with rippling effects extending well beyond organizations and their employees.


Education and Certifications

Dan earned a BA with honors in psychology, master’s degrees in clinical psychology and public health, and a doctoral degree with distinction in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico. He also completed focused postdoctoral training at Brown University. He has completed coaching in leadership and healthcare training through Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education.


He is certified in the Hogan Leadership Assessment Suite, Hogan Configure, The Leadership Circle 360, Workplace Big Five, Little Big 5, CoreMotiv and CoreMotiv Team Surveys, NEO-PI-R; NEO-PI-3, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, FIRO-B, Campbell Leadership Index, 16PF, and others.



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