Joe Casey

Assessment and Consulting Experience

Joe is an assessor and executive coach who partners with clients to identify and
develop the critical few areas that can accelerate their growth and enhance their
effectiveness. Joe’s coaching practice, in its tenth year, focuses primarily on the
Financial Services, Technology, and Health Care sectors, where he works with
leaders from the Managing Director level to CEO, along with high potential
emerging leaders. Joe brings extensive experience with individual and organizational
change from his work with executives and global teams. As an assessor and
executive coach, Joe uses extensive 360 interviews and a battery of assessment
tools to partner with clients to deepen their self-knowledge and zero in on the
crucial nuances in behavior that can accelerate their development and enhance
their effectiveness. Joe often works with executives navigating significant change
and challenges including new or expanded roles, restructurings, and new ventures.
Using a collaborative and systematic approach, Joe utilizes several assessments to
guide these individuals to strategic action.

Business and Organizational Leadership Experience

Prior to becoming an executive coach, Joe spent 26 years at Merrill Lynch, where he
was most recently SVP & Head of Human Resources for the Global Markets and
Investment Banking business and Merrill Lynch International. At Merrill Lynch, he
held various senior leadership roles including Managing Director, Chief Operating
Officer for Global HR and Head of HR for the Merrill Lynch & Co. Corporate groups.
As COO, Joe led a global organizational redesign that led to an annual cost reduction
of $100mm and improved client satisfaction levels. He also led a global restructuring
of HR and technology re-design. He was responsible for leading HR for the ML& Co.
divisions, including Technology, General Counsel and Finance (over 17,000


Education and Certifications

Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts at
Amherst in Psychology. He has also earned several master’s degrees from the
University of Southern California; the University of Pennsylvania; and Middlesex
University. In addition, he holds a coaching certification from Columbia University.
He is certified in several advanced assessments, including the Hogan Assessment
System, the Birkman 360 Feedback, The MHS-EQ-i and the MHS-EQ-i 360
assessments on Emotional Intelligence, and Voices 360 assessment.



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