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Unlocking Potential
7 Coaching Skills That Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations


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Revised, updated, and expanded: the definitive guide to transformational leadership from a team of expert executive coaches.


In any successful organization, building trust, recognizing potential, challenging paradigms, clarifying individual personal goals, executing flawlessly, giving effective feedback, and tapping into talent is the hallmark of what sets a good organization from a great one. The 2nd edition of Unlocking Potential expands on these seven coaching skills, features additional insights from Maria Sullivan and Kari Saddler, and real-life lessons learned in the field by managers who have put these invaluable coaching skills into play.


Transform your business relationships (and your business) with this comprehensive tool for optimizing productivity, profitability, loyalty, and customer focus.


Part One: Four Principles of Coaching

  • Chapter One: Trust
  • Chapter Two: Potential
  • Chapter Three: Commitment
  • Chapter Four: Execution


Part Two—Seven Coaching Skills

  • Chapter Five: Build Trust
  • Chapter Six: Challenge Paradigms
  • Chapter Seven: Seek Strategic Clarity
  • Chapter Eight: Execute Flawlessly
  • Chapter Nine: Give Effective Feedback
  • Chapter Ten: Tap into Talent
  • Chapter Eleven: Move the Middle
  • Chapter Twelve: Coaching the Organization: The Organizational


Effectiveness Cycle

  • Chapter Thirteen: Coaching: A Final Word



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About the Authors

Michael K. Simpson

Michael K. Simpson has over twenty-five years of experience as one of the world’s preeminent executive coaches, leadership development, and strategy experts to many of the top Fortune 100 and 500 businesses organizations, government, and educational organizations. As an award-winning author, speaker, executive coach, and senior consultant at FranklinCovey, Michael coaches CEOs and executive teams to clarify vision, set strategy, goal execution, and build high performance teams and high trust organizational culture. 



Maria Sullivan

Maria Sullivan (AKA Sully) “tomorrow’s leaders believe that development is the new compensation.” A Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach for FranklinCovey, Maria works with client organizations that demonstrate their agreement with that sentiment. She draws from this experience to support and accelerate her client’s development.  Using the best tools from multiple disciplines, Maria focuses on designing development systems, methods, and programs that suit the unique personal and organizational needs of her clients. Recent coaching and consulting clients include ten of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For©. 



Kari Saddler

Kari Saddler believes that everyone deserves a leader who inspires and empowers them. She has 20 years of combined experience as a consultant, executive coach, and business manager. She has been a leader at JP Morgan Chase, WellCare, and at Tampa General Hospital. In 2015, Kari joined FranklinCovey as an author, speaker, executive coach, and senior consultant. 



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Over the past six years, Michael K. Simpson’s Unlocking Potential has helped leaders motivate, inspire, and fully engage their teams. This revised edition, written with Maria Sullivan and Kari Saddler, builds on that powerful foundation for a new generation of leaders. The key is not just managing but coaching—developing the talents of your organization’s most important asset: the employees.



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